People can send you a message, without showing them your contact information.
Privacy guaranteed!

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The owner labels his property

Label usage

Privacy labels allow anyone to contact you. People can leave a message which ContactOwner will send to you via email of SMS, without exposing your contact information!

Register and active your labels

Your set of labels has a registration code. You need this code to activate your labels.

Stick your labels on:

  • House, boat, bike
  • Tools, toys, suitcase
  • Laptop, tablet, mobile phone, bankcard, keys
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Someone scans

Scan when found

Leave a message for the owner when you want to tell him something about his property.

Scan the QR code or type it in

Do you want to send a message to an owner? Scan the yellow sticker on the property or fill in the ID below.

Scan or type
Bench scene You've lost your iPad and the finder wants to contact you!
Car scene The lights of your car are still burning or someone has damaged your car!
House scene You are away from home and left a window open when it starts to rain!. Or a window has been broken and someone wants to notify you of this.
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We'll send the message

We will send you a message. will send you an email or a SMS. These messages can only be read by you - the owner.

The message will be send to the owner immediately! Signal Balloon


The messages can only be read by a label owner. Because we will send the message to the owner, the contact information of the owner remains a secret.

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